Semester and Fee Information

Semester Times
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
September - December January - March April - June
Semester Fees
1 Student 2 Student 3 Student 4 Student 5 Student
$210.00 $420.00 $577.50 $682.50 $787.50
Full Year Fees
1 Student 2 Student 3 Student 4 Student 5 Student
$525.00 $1050.00 $1470.00 $1785.00 $2100.00

Due to Rising costs, we will be adding an annual fee of $60 per Student to cover thier membership with the Karate Alberta, Karate Canada, and the Canadian Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Association Fees.

Additional fee of $50 required per Gi after registration

Conduct In and Out of the Dojo

  1. Always conduct yourself in a formal, respectful manner at all times when in the dojo. Remain quiet while other classes are in session
  2. Always refer to instructors as Sensei (head instructors) or sempai (assistant instructor).
  3. Unnecessary roughness, crude language are strictly forbidden.
  4. Students must always bow on entry and exit from the dojo and as directed by the sensei.
  5. Prompt attendance is expected of all students. If you arrive late, proceed to the side of the class and sit in seiza until your presence is recognized by the Sensei. When this occurs, the Sensei will turn in your direction and you will stand up, bow to your Sensei, and proceed to the back of the class.
  6. If you need to leave class early, or stop training for any reason, wait until your instructor finishes the drill or exercise, then raise your hand to catch the instructorsí attention. Your instructor may ask the reason then dismiss you with a bow.
  7. Orders must be followed without question or hesitation. Remember that Karate is a form of self discipline studied with a view to forming strong will, humility and good character.


  1. A complete uniform must be worn by all students who have completed the introductory program. The Chito-Ryu crest is to be worn over the left breast.
  2. The belt must be worn in the proper fashion, in the colour representing your correct rank, and must be worn at all times.
  3. If the belt becomes undone during practice, the student will face in the opposite direction from his opponent or class and secure the belt.
  4. For the safety of yourself and your fellow students, all jewelery must be removed before training, and fingernails and toenails are to be trimmed short.
  5. Shoes must not be worn in the dojo and placed neatly at the entrance to avoid tripping.

Kyu (kyew) - Ranks below Black Belt

Title Pronunciation Belt Colour
nanakyu nah-nah-kyew White
gokyu go-kyew Yellow
yonkyu yohn-kyew Orange
sankyu san-kyew Green
nikyu nee-kyew Blue
ikkyu eek-kyew Brown

Dan (dahn) - Ranks of Black Belt

Title Pronunciation Rank
shodan show-dahn first degree
nidan nee-dahn second degree
sandan san-dahn third degree
yondan yohn-dahn fourth degree
godan go-dahn fifth degree
rokudan rohk-oo-dahn sixth degree
nanadan nah-nah-dahn seventh degree
hachidan hach-ee-dahn eighth degree
kudan koo-dahn ninth degree
judan joo-dahn tenth degree

Teaching Ranks

Title Pronunciation Rank
sensei sehn-say dojo head teacher
sempai sehm-pie senior student
shidoin she-do-in instructor
shihan she-han senior instructor
renshi ren-she polished senior instructor
kyoshi key-o-shi master instructor

Japanese Words and Phrases

Japanese Pronunciation English
ichi eech one
ni nee two
san san three
shi she four
go go five
ruku roke six
shichi seech seven
hachi hach eight
ku koo nine
ju joo ten
ju ichi joo eech eleven
ju ni joo nee twelve
ju san joo san thirteen
ju shi joo she fourteen
ju go joo go fifteen
ju roku joo roke sixteen
ju shichi joo seech seventeen
ju hachi joo hach eighteen
ju ku joo koo nineteen
ni ju nee joo twenty
san ju san joo thirty
yon ju ye-on joo forty
go ju go joo fifty
Basic Words
Japanese Pronunciation English
dojo doe-joe place to learn the way
rei ray bow (also zero in counting)
Gi ghee karate uniform
deshi deh-she student, pupil
hai hi yes
yoi yoy ready, attention
hajime hah-jee-may begin
yame yah-may stop
hidari hee-dah-ree left
migi mee-gee right
uchi oo-chee inside
soto so-toe outside
mae my front
yoko yo-ko side
ushiro you-shi-ro back
jodan jo-dahn upper
chudan chew-dahn middle
gedan ge-dahn lower
dachi da-chi stance
uke oo-key block
zuki zoo-key punch / thrust
geri gary kick
mawashi ma-wash-ee round house
kiai key-eye spirit yell
kihon key-hon fundamentals
kata kah-tah forms / training methods
bunkai boon-keye apply of kata techniques
kumite koo-meh-tay sparring
shiai she-eye sparring match
Basic Stance
Japanese Pronunciation English
Uchi hachiji dachi oo-chi ha-cha-jee da-chi high/natural stances
shiko dachi she-ko da-chi low frontal stances
seisan dachi say-san da-chi one foot forward stances
Basic Blocks
Japanese Pronunciation English
jodan uke jo-dahn oo-key upper block
uchi uke uke oo-chee oo-key inside block
soto uke so-toe oo-key outside block
gedan barai ge-dahn ba-rye lower block
Basic Punches/Thrusts
Japanese Pronunciation English
jodan zuki jo-dahn zoo-key upper punch
choku zuki chauk-u zoo-key straight punch
chudan zuki chew-dahn zoo-key middle puncht
gedan zuki ge-dahn zoo-key lower punch
oi zuki oy-zoo-key lead hand punch with lunge
gyaku zuki gya-koo zoo-key reverse hand punch
Basic Kicks
Japanese Pronunciation English
mae geri my gary front kick
yoko geri yo-ko gary side kick
mawashi geri ma-wash-ee gary round house kick
ushiro geri you-shi-ro gary back kick
Class Opening
Japanese Pronunciation English
shugo shoo-go line up
kiotsuke kee-oh-skay stand up straight!
shomen ni shoh-men nee face the front
seiza say-za formal sitting on knees
mokuso moh-koo-soh meditation eyes closed
mokuso yame moh-koo-soh yah may end meditation
shomen ni shoh-men nee face the front reinforced
shomen ni rei shoh-men nee ray bow to the front
sensei ni rei sen-say nee ray bow to the teacher
onegai shimasu oh-neh-guy-she-mas please (teach me)
Class Closing
Japanese Pronunciation English
shugo shoo-go line up
kiotsuke kee-oh-skay stand up straight!
mawari migi gio nashite ma-wa-ree me-gee gee-o na-she-tah prepare / compose
shomen ni shoh-men nee face to the front
seiza say-za formal sitting on knees
hansei han-say reflection eyes closed
hansei yame han-say yah-may end of reflection
shomen ni rei shoh-men nee ray bow to the front
sensei ni rei sen-say nee ray bow to the teacher
yudansha ni rei yo-dansha nee ray bow to all black belts
otagai ni rei oh-tah-gah-ee nee ray bow to each other
shomen ni shoh-men nee face the front
domo arigato gozaimasu do-mo ah-ree-gah-toh goh-zai-mas thank you very much
do itashimas'te doh-ee tash-ee ma-she-tay you're welcome